Saturday, 6 February 2010

African art and its connections to Europe and the US

The masks, fabrics, sculptures, dance and music of African art are appreciated globally. Art from the continent of Africa (continent of Africa) does not simply exist in its own realm. It has had a profound impact on many areas of the art world.

Picasso, Braque and Modigliani are among the famous 20th century artists who have used African work as a source. Musician Paul Simon (the Graceland album, 1986, sold 14 million copies) is another artist who has borrowed from African rhythms and melodies and synthesized an artful body of work.

In Fine Arts Survey our mission will be to identify and describe that which is most celebrated about African art.

* masks (Tyler, Alex J, Andrew)
* fabrics (Gentry)
* music (Lindsay, Jackie, Ali, Davis)
* dance
* costume / dress
* jewelry (Lauren, Emily, Lesa)
* drums and other instruments (Jesse, Cavett, Michael, Thomas, Jon)
* cave art
* body art (Kelly, Lindsey, Alexis, Hannah)
* architecture (Alex B, Andy, Kyle)

Then we will identify the ways in which its influence has changed Western art.

Finally, we will see a local exhibit of African art in the gallery at Southern Museum of Art Shreveport (SUMAS).

How many of you have an African mask or Yoruba fertility figure or African-inspired jewelry?

African art presentation (25 pts)

- 10 images - with brief commentary and source - which colorfully explain the art area you've chosen (see above).
- 2 images - w commentary - of African influence on western art.
- Titling.
- Bibliography image.
- Five review questions (mult-choice) for the class as the final image.

Deadline Wed, Sept 16. To be presented in class via GoogleDocs.

Fri, Sept 18: 10 pts - full-size bar of soap for a lesson in relief sculpture. The subject matter: African masks.

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