Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Roma : researxh into arts of Romans of the empire period

The Romans took over the Mediterranean when the Greeks faltered militarily. The Greek arts were recognized by the Romans as something worthy of having, so the Latins copied the Greeks' work and took Greeks home to do the teaching.

Let us dive in upon the Roman arts. For the sake of this unit we will expand the artful architectural world to include building technology. For the Romans taught the world much about the art of engineering.

Each powerpoint report should face the issue of what was different between the Roman and earlier Greek version of the item.

Please follow the roll and use the same number you were given in the recent Greek unit.

1. music
2. musical instruments
3. costume
4. dance
5. pottery
6. ship design
7. artful implements of war
8. architecture
9. Roman arch
10. aqueducts
11. Roman Republic
12. Augustus Caesar
13. Julius Caesar
14.. Coliseum of Rome
15. Etruscans
16. theaters
17. public baths
18. Roman forum
19. Roman arch and dome
20. Pantheon
21. Roman feast & cuisine
22. Virgil and the Aeneid
23. mosaics
24. trompe l’oeil painting
25. Church of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople
26. Pompeii and its art
27. Roman fountains
28. Roman ghetto
29. Triumphal arch

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